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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SQL Server 2008 R2: Connect to Different Domain and Server Name

Have struggled with this problem almost all day. I couldn't connect to another domain server using SQL Management Studio 2008 R2. Precisely, my other domain server is using Hyper-V and i called the server name as DOMAIN1. In this case i couldn't get access easily by using the server name but what i need is connect using the IP Address of DOMAIN1. In this case i defined the IP address of DOMAIN1 as

1st step---
Make sure you can connect to DOMAIN1, add another IP Address. In this case, i am using IP 192.168.0.* so i can connect. For example i defined the IP address of my SQL Server computer as

2nd step---
Check the DOMAIN1 firewall, make sure it doesn't block connection from your computer. To set up Firewall, go to Windows Firewall with Advance Security.

Right Click on Windows Firewall with Advance Security and point to Properties > Domain Tab > and Allow inBound connection.

3rd step---
Run Command Prompt:
cd\ <enter>
runas /user:DOMAIN1\admin /netonly "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Binn\VSShell\Common7\IDE\Ssms.exe" <enter>
Enter the password for DOMAIN1\admin then <enter>

wait until SQL Management Studio 2008 R2 open by itself.

4th step---
Once you get the Connect to Server Window. Fill in the Server Name as shown below:
Server type: Database Engine
Server name:\InstanceName
Authentication: Windows Authentication
Then click connect button.

Hope it works. Mine is working very well, now i can connect to my Hyper-V SQL Server. :) Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Great. Worked for me.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Worked for me too. I created shortcuts to SQL Management Studio and another to Visual Studio and they are both working perfectly.

Thanks :)

Mei Pakpahan said...

good to know it works for you!

Mahdi said...

sangat membantu sekali,,,
thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Worked nicelly for me. Tks

Anonymous said...

Thanks worked ok.

Olya Olegovna said...

Good information here. I will post these information to my facebook page. It is really very informative for others.

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