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Thursday, March 31, 2011

SharePoint 2010 Error: domain/my Cannot be found

So, this morning i was trying to access my personal site and my profile pages in our new SharePoint farm. But what i got was the HTML 404 The Page Cannot be Found.
After spent hours looking for the solution of this issue, finally found the way to figure this out! Yippi!

1st step---
Log on to your Central Administration > Application Management > Create Site Collection

2nd step---
Point to Web Site Address and click on the link Define Managed Paths.

3rd step---
Add a new path
1. my, choose the type Explicit inclusion, Add Path
2. my/personal, choose the type Wildcard inclusion, Add Path

3rd step---
Go back to Create Site Collection page.
Put the Title and Description : My Sites
Web Site Address : http://your_domain/my/
Template Selection : Enterprise > My Site Host

Then choose the Primary and Secondary Site Collection Administrator, then click OK. Now you have /my site collection.

4th step---
This is optional, just in case if you haven't configured the Self-Service Site Creation. This will let the authenticate user create their own personal page.
Go to Central Administration > Security > General Security > Configure self-service site creation.

Then choose On in the Enable self-service site creation section. Press OK.
Easy, huh? :)


Faheem Nusrat said...


Thanks for this warlk through, question is, if we have 'lost' the myprofile sites pages where, users have already been working with their profiles, will this solution mean that any existing sites will be overwritten?

Karl said...

Thank you so much. I wonder why this does not work OOTB? Did I do something wrong on the installation? Thanks anyway.

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