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Thursday, March 24, 2011

SharePoint 2010 : Detach SharePoint databases from SQL Server Express Edition & Attach to SQL Server Enterprise Edition

As default on the new installation, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2010 using SQL Server Express Edition to store the databases. To migrate MOSS 2010 databases to SQL Server Enterprise edition, you need to install SQL Server Management Studio first so you can manage all Database Engine easily. Before you do databases detach, please read this article carefully from Microsoft official site. According to the information and requirements provided by Microsoft you will need to stop some of the SharePoint services. You can manage by using Administrative Tool > Services, but i'm using a very quick tool from CodePlex called SharePoint 2010 Service Manager. You can download from here for FREE!

So below are the steps to detach your SharePoint databases from SQL Server Express Edition and attach them again  to SQL Server Enterprise Edition.
1st step---
Go to SQL Server Management Studio, connect to your SharePoint Server database.
This is what i did:

Server type  : Database Engine
Server name : Domain\SHAREPOINT

Then click Connect.

2nd step---
In the Object Explorer, point to Connect button and choose Database Engine. Then connect again to your SQL Server Enterprise Edition server.

3rd step---
After installing SharePoint 2010 Service Manager, click on the Stop SharePoint 2010 button to stop all the services we need to detach the MOSS 2010 databases.
After we stop all the services, note that the SQL Server also stopped. We need to start it again manually from SQL Server Management Studio.
4th step---
Point to the database that we need to detach. Right click, then point to Tasks > Detach..
5th step---
Go to Windows Explorer and find the location of your SQL Server Express databases, then copy the .mdf and .ldf file to the SQL Server Enterprise databases location.

6th step---
Back to SQL Server Management Studio, but now we focus on the SQL Server Enterprise Edition server. Expand the Databases. Then right click on Databases and choose Attach..
The new dialog for attach database will show up after that. Click on Add. And it will show the dialog to locate the .mdf file.

7th step---
Click OK, and then OK again to attach the database file. You will notice a new database has been attached to your SQL Server Enterprise Edition. If it doesn't appear then right click on the server name and Refresh.

Good Luck.


Richard Sigar said...

Nice tuts!

Anonymous said...

moka moka moka

Anonymous said...

Somehow I feel that these steps are incomplete. Once you've attached the databases to the new SQL server, how will SharePoint know to connect to the new SQL box rather than the old one? Or is the premise here that SQL express and SQL enterprise are installed on the same server?

Mei said...

Hi, this tutorial only shows how to attach and detach the Sharepoint databases from SQL Express Edition (old) to Enterprise (the new database). Of course in Sharepoint you will need to specify your default database first. And for that i have written the tuts at
Good luck and have fun :)

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