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Thursday, March 10, 2011

SharePoint 2010: Change Preferred Name To FirstName + LastName Instead Of Domain\Username

In this tutorial i would like to share how to change your account preferred name in SharePoint Server 2010.

1st step---
Log on to SharePoint Central Administration as Farm Administrator.

2nd step---
Go to Application Management > Manage service applications.

3rd step---
Scroll down to User Profile Service Application and click on the hyperlink.

4th step---
Go to  Manage User Profiles.

6th step---
Put the username that you would like to change its profiles on to Find profiles textbox. Then click Find. Once it shows the result, rollover to the Account Name and click the little arrow, choose Edit My Profile.

5th step---
Now you can Edit the account properties, don't forget to Save and Close after you're finished editing. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. It did the trick. I have read that this problem comes up because Active Directory hasn't synced with SharePoint, and to solve the problem for all users you should sync AD, but I run in an environment with just one Domain Server so there is no option to sync with anything.

Can this manual procedure you've outlined be automated with PowerShell to grab the first/last names from each user in AD?

Anonymous said...

FYI: you've got the 5th step marked as the 6th step and the 6th step marked as the 5th step.

Mei Pakpahan said...

Hi, thanks for the post correction.
I haven't tried yet with the PowerShell. I'll post later when i get this done.

Anonymous said...

What if we need to do the same to multiple users ? is there any other option ?

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