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Monday, February 7, 2011

Assign users as any role in Moodle course

I decided to write this tutorial, some people may think it’s a silly tutorial or not even worth to be called as tutorial, but believe me, i decided to write it because i kept getting this question from some people : How to assign or add students to Moodle course? So, let’s start it.

–1st step
Log on to your Moodle page. And go to your course. Remember, you can only do this tutorial successfully if your role is Administrator or Course Creator and Teacher.

–2nd step
Once you get into your course, click on button  ‘Turn Editing On‘. 
And click on Assign role icon.
Assign role

–3rd step
Click on any type of role, for example Student. It will show you list of potential users at the right textbox, click on the student’s name, then Add.

Click Assign roles in Course : course_name button.

Now, the student has been assigned to your course. Good luck!


nandy said...

thank you this info!

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