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Monday, February 7, 2011

Adding front page image to Moodle page

Howdy! This time i want to give tutorial for adding image on the front page of Moodle.

–1st step
Log in as Moodle Administrator, as you logged in you’ll see Site Administration panel at the left side of page.

–2nd step
Go to Front Page and choose Front Page settings.

 –3rd step
Find Include a topic section, there’s a note If selected, a topic section will be displayed on the site’s front page, check the checkbox. And then Save Changes.
–4th step
Return to your Moodle front page. Turn Editing On. Click on the Edit Summary icon (it looks like a pencil icon).

–5th step
In the summary site editor, Insert image, and Save changes when you’re finished.

Now you have image/s displayed on your Moodle front page. Woo hoo!


Anonymous said...

hi it's working , thank's :)

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